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In-house therapeutic partnership to help your team strive

We offer partnership opportunities with organizations to include health benefits that can be used under your insurance plans year round.

At Tx, our focus is on you. Our team is comprised of registered massage therapists, physiotherapists and kinesiologists as well as athletic therapists who are ready to tailor their treatments through the use of manual techniques that are designed to provide instant symptom relief and reduction in its manifestation. Attention to our clients is personalized and our treatment design is hands on, making our focus truly devoted to you.

We help you promote health and healthy living to your team members through our partnership

Health and wellness is our focal point, whereby highest standard quality of care will be delivered to ensure our clients retain lifestyle modifications that can easily be implemented into their day-to-day routine. These lifestyle modifications play into our company objective and personalized life-long goal, which is to promote health and healthy living.

Education will be provided to treat and prevent current movement difficulties caused by postural misalignment or other orthopedic injuries. Our therapists will track your progress and help you attain both short and long term goals throughout this therapeutic alliance.

As an incentive for using Tx as your preferred choice of allocation for your health benefits, Tx will be pleased to offer you greater services that will be added on to your existing health benefit plans in many forms – such as: extra treatment sessions, extra seminars/consultations and/or specialized treatments at the workplace. In addition, if your company does not offer any existing insurance benefits, we will happily offer you our own customized healthcare plans centered on your needs. Additional benefits can also be added to your existing health care plan in the hopes of making them more fruitful.

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