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Bring Massage Therapy to Your Office, Hotel, and Sporting or Corporate Events.

Offices Tx is a leading provider of corporate in-office massage, which is available to both small and large-scale businesses. This is a great way to increase your staff productivity by managing workplace stress and discomfort.

Treatments can be paid directly by staff through their existing health care benefits, or dispersed by the company as an employee benefit and workplace incentive. This service, accessible on-site, will also improve employee attendance.

Sporting and corporate events

Tx attends all sporting events such as marathons, triathlons, races or any sporting tournament at your request. Our therapists can also set up at trade shows to help draw in potential clients to your booth by offering chair or table massages. Another example of our services is through corporate or organized golf tournaments where our team will set up tent on a given hole and offer our specialized therapies to players as they wait to tee up – or we can also set up regularly at exclusive clubs during ladies’ and men’s nights to offer our services to members.


Tx provides Registered Massage Therapy that comes directly to your Hotel or has your guests treated with unparalled service at our private clinic, situated in the heart of the Montreal area – which allows your guests a get away to a cachet of old Montreal.

Please contact for on-site pricing and availability.

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